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2020 Board Members:  Responsibilities

President: Sheldon Snipe
Presides at all Executive Board meetings and
sees that orders and resolutions are carried out.
The President also signs all leases, mortgages,
deeds, and cosigns / authorizes promissory
notes and checks of the Association.

Vice-President: Ziad Salameh
The Vice-President acts in the place of the
President's absence.

Secretary: Amber Garber
The Secretary (or designated agent) records the
votes and keeps minutes of all meetings &
proceedings. In addition, they keep track of
members and their addresses, and prepare,
execute, certify, and record amendments to
the Declaration.

Treasurer: Open
The Treasurer (or designated agent) receives
and deposits all monies of the Association,
disburses funds, and signs/authorizes
promissory notes/checks. In addition they keep
the books and compile an Annual Report made
by a CPA.

Member at Large: Michael Haynes
The Member at Large assists in all areas of
board activities.

Board Members

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